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What is Conscious Parenting?

“The child who knows itself is a child who will rise.” Dr Shefali Tsabary

Have you ever considered why you parent the way you do? We all try our best as parents and want our child to be happy but so much can get in the way! Each childhood absorbs parenting styles and patterns that not even we are aware of and we often carry emotional baggage that we then pass on to our children. In today’s modern parenting we worry so much about our child and try to ‘fix’ them.  We often micro-manage their lives as we believe this will help them to be happy and successful.  We put onto our child our ‘stuff’. Parenting more consciously starting with self-awareness, we begin to parent from a more grounded and conscious way. It feels lighter with less anxiety and conflict. Our child will be able to live more authentically, absorbing less of our fears. We can start to break patterns that we repeat time and time again. This approach can not only change the way you parent, but it will help with all the relationships in your life. It will help free our children so they can grow into resilient and compassionate adults with self worth, knowing they are ‘good enough’.

Are you ready to see yourself, your child and other relationships in a new way?

How can conscious parenting help me and my child?

  • Identify problem areas in the parent-child relationship
  • Identifying your patterns and roles that can can create a barrier between you and your child.
  • Reduce anxiety for both parent and child
  • Improve communication with your child
  • Develop resilience and coping skills
  • Accept and deeply connect to the child in front of you

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Having attended the Conscious Parenting Workshop I knew I wanted to move forward with the coaching aspect of Conscious Parenting. The concepts themselves made sense and spoke to the type of parenting I was already trying to do. Namely, to be more myself, so my son can be himself. But how can you be yourself when you are programmed in your responses, actions and emotions. Amanda has helped me to identify my patterns of behaviour and how they challenge me. Once considered, Amanda is supporting me to build strategies to move these responses forward. Her calm and insightful approach allows you to look at yourself through kindness and acceptance. She is supporting me to not only be a better mother but a stronger person


Prior to the workshop I had little to no understanding of Conscious Parenting. I wasn’t even sure I would ‘get it’. However, when I left I knew it was for me and I wanted to learn more. Here’s why? The name Conscious Parenting makes you think that is about your role as a parent but in fact it’s about you and enabling you to your authentic self. This means your child can be their best self.  Amanda, was warm and welcoming allowing us all to share our thoughts, feeling and opinions in a judgement free zone. I enjoyed hearing other people share their experiences, it made me feel I wasn’t alone in some my own experiences.  Francesca

What I really loved was the space to share memories across different generations of bringing up children without judgement, the chance to discuss mistakes and indeed triumphs was a rare moment in the frantic life of parenting that was worth an evening of nibbles and wine a hundred times over.


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