Amanda Cox Parent Coach

Bio –  I am a certified Conscious Parent Coach trained in Dr Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Parenting method.  I combine working with young people in a school with my work as a coach for parents and non parents alike. A fully qualified and experienced teacher, I have taught in both secondary schools and colleges and in my most recent role in student support.

During the early years of raising my own children, I realised that there was an alternative to the ‘fearful’ modern way of parenting when I came across Dr Shefali’s work on a TED talk. I saw that I was trying to make my children become what I thought they needed to be. I never realised that there was another way and that I could ‘re-think how I related to my children.

I started to put some small changes into the way I parented which dramatically changed the relationship I had with them. This work has changed my life and it was the reason why I decided to learn how to share this approach. It’s wisdom that we have all been waiting for.

I have a warm and friendly approach and I am absolutely non-judgemental in supporting parents in the often challenging job of raising children.  This work can truly transform ALL our relationships.

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