Prior to the workshop I had little to no understanding of Conscious Parenting. I wasn’t even sure I would ‘get it’. However, when I left I knew it was for me and I wanted to learn more. Here’s why? The name Conscious Parenting makes you think that is about your role as a parent but in fact it’s about you and enabling you to your authentic self. This means your child can be their best self.  Amanda, was warm and welcoming allowing us all to share our thoughts, feeling and opinions in a judgement free zone. I enjoyed hearing other people share their experiences, it made me feel I wasn’t alone in some my own experiences.  Francesca

What I really loved was the space to share memories across different generations of bringing up children without judgement, the chance to discuss mistakes and indeed triumphs was a rare moment in the frantic life of parenting that was worth an evening of nibbles and wine a hundred times over.

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