Learn about Conscious Parenting

Friendly and Non-Judgmental workshops

Workshops can be a great way to learn about conscious parenting in a safe and non -judgmental setting.  We cover the key aspects to raising a family in a more connected way looking at some key conscious parenting themes. Participants find that in just the first session, they understand so much about themselves and why they parent the way they do.  It is an opportunity to explore a truly different approach which will allow children and parents to live their lives more truthfully.

‘Truly Connect’

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Glennon Doyle in her book ‘Untamed’ says that our children need to feel both held and free. If we learn how to accept our child and ourselves we will harness deep connection, giving our child the confidence and resilience to navigate their ups and downs.

The course shines a light not only on our child but us too. The way we feel about ourselves can often be off loaded onto our child. We want to be able to clear the way so that parenting does not feel so complicated!

You can buy my first course ‘Introduction to Conscious Parenting’ for £21. Contact me to order this course. It is in a set of 3 zoom recordings with 3 sets of worksheets and resources.

A great deal to start you on the path of a more conscious, calmer, less anxious way of parenting our children.

What is covered in the introductory set of workshops?

Prior to the workshop I had little to no understanding of Conscious Parenting. I wasn’t even sure I would ‘get it’. However, when I left I knew it was for me and I wanted to learn more. Here’s why? The name Conscious Parenting makes you think that is about your role as a parent but in fact it’s about you and enabling you to your authentic self. This means your child can be their best self.  Amanda, was warm and welcoming allowing us all to share our thoughts, feeling and opinions in a judgment free zone. I enjoyed hearing other people share their experiences, it made me feel I wasn’t alone in some my own experiences.  Francesca

What I really loved was the space to share memories across different generations of bringing up children without judgment, the chance to discuss mistakes and indeed triumphs was a rare moment in the frantic life of parenting that was worth an evening of nibbles and wine a hundred times over. Jane

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